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Welcome to Bill Wiley I started in photography while in Iwakuni Japan on Deployment, at the age of 17 years old I bought a cheap Pentax film camera and began taking images of the countries my squadron deployed to. When I had some time off from work, I would walk around town taking some pictures to remind me of my time in a foreign countries. I attended high school in Torrance California and graduated in 1965.
I was just a hobbyist then and knew nothing about photography. I have been to many exotic and beautiful countries while in the navy for 21 years. Since retirement, my wife and have traveled to Europe several times, including 2 European river cruises. I have grown to love the adventures of traveling and photographing the sights of the United States and countries abroad.
Here are some interesting facts about me.
1. Served in the U.S Navy and retired after 21 years of service during Viet Nam and the Cold War era. Since retiring from the navy I worked for 4 different commercial airlines due to mergers
2. Have been married for 42 years to my wife Duanne.  We were blessed with 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy who are all happily married and live in Southern Calif.
3. I love to visit and photograph places I have never seen in the past.
4. My passion for photography has excelled tremendously over the past 10 years.
5. Places I have lived:
Grew up in Torrance Calif., Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Brunswick Me. Phoenix Az. and                     Charlotte, North Carolina. I recently moved to San Antonio Tx.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my photography website and I hope you enjoy your virtual tour.
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Bill Wiley